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In a world that has become increasingly more cynical, stories of redemption are often viewed as only subjects of holiday Hallmark or Lifetime movies and not something that happens in real life. But Michelle Payette, minister at Beacon of Light, proves that these stories do indeed happen everyday

Look who was featured by the nation's largest prison ministry today! Prison Fellowship interviewed our very own Michelle Payette and highlighted Beacon of Light and our programs! Click here for the full story.

Read about how a disappointing experience can bring about an unexpected blessing. The seed doesn't see the flower..... Veronica Huang, Beacon of Light's Secretary of the Board, shares her family's story.

Press Release - Capital District, Albany, NY - Michelle Payette, Beacon of Light a program of Ministry Alliance

Michelle Payette, a former NY inmate, founds Non-Profit program designed to assist families and create safer communities. See the press release here.

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